Cauvery Pushkara Brahma Yagnyam


Cauvery pushkaram occurs once in 12 years, when
Guru enters Tula rasi.  Having a dip in the Cauvery during this auspicious period relieves the devotees of worldly sufferings and strengthens the spiritual bondage.  His Holiness performed the Brahma Yagyam for 10 days in October 1993 during this Cauvery Pushkaram. Tens of thousands of devotees from all over India thronged the holy Srirangam (Bhooloka Vaikuntam) in Tamilnadu and had the holy bath in the Cauvery, partook in the Brahma Yagnyam and attained the Bhagavad anugraham of Lord Ranganatha.  H.E. Dr. M. Channa Reddy, the then Governor of Tamilnadu also participated in this Yagnyam. It was the first of its kind in Tamilnadu and the first event ever organized by Jeeyar Educational Trust, Chennai.

Kaveri Pushkaram
Kaveri Pushkaram
Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Viraat Parayanam

Aimed at Universal Peace, H H Sri Swamiji performed the Viraat Upadesaatmaka Parayanam of Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam on Bheeshma Ekadasi in January 1995. on that occasion  more than a lakh devotees congregated on the shores of the Bay of Bengal in Chennai to chant the Divine names of the Supreme.

Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum

This programme was aimed at spreading the Jagadguru Lord Krishna’s message of Universal Brotherhood and the doctrine of Bhagavad Gita.

Tiruppavai Sadas

Every year during the holy month of Dhanurmasam (Margazhi), eminent speakers ascend the dais to deliver their sermon (Discourse).  At the same time, each of them dwelve upon the various aspects; teachings and importance of Tiruppavai at the Sadas organized by Jeeyar Educational Trust and Vikasatarangini, Chennai.  It is a soul-stirring programme for the spiritual seekers, who are able to listen to many eminent speakers talk on the same subject, in succession on the same dais.

Dhanurmasam Sadas with Swamiji
Thiruppavai Sadas
Thiruppavai Sadas
“Om Namo Venkatesaya”

The devotees wrote “Om Namo Venkatesaya” million of times, to attain viswa shanti.

Sri Venkateswara Saranagati Deeksha

This deeksha is a program scheduled for seven weeks, from the first day of Dhanurmasam (Margazhi). The main object of this program is to inculcate the philosophy of surrender totally towards the Lord.  Year by year, the participation of devotees is gearing up.
Venkateswara Sarangathi Deeksha
Venkateswara Pooja
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